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10 Alleged Secret Weapons Of The US Military

The artwork of warfare has advanced dramatically with the appearance of latest applied sciences. One factor about warfare, nevertheless, hasn’t modified. To win, it’s nonetheless important to maintain the true energy of your forces and the extent of your arsenal hidden out of your opponent. The most essential army secrets and techniques are solely disclosed to the choose few who may be trusted to hold out the mission.

For this motive, the US authorities can’t expose full details about its instruments and ways for the nationwide protection to the individuals it’s sworn to serve. So there have to be a minimum of some situations when weapons of warfare have been developed and deployed with out the data of the American populace.

But what if the opponent of the military-industrial advanced, having acquired unwarranted affect, grew to become its personal individuals? What improbable secrets and techniques of kinetic, psychological, organic, and energetic warfare would possibly then be hidden nicely beneath the floor of public data?

At least some elements of the existence and operational parameters of the next 10 weapons have made their manner into normal consciousness. Yet their growth begs the query: What different instruments of loss of life and destruction is likely to be lurking within the shadows, totally obscured from the general public eye?

10 Directed Energy Weapons

The Greek mathematician Archimedes might have made historical past over 2,000 years in the past as the primary individual to ever use a directed vitality weapon. According to a mysterious legend, throughout the Roman invasion of Syracuse, Archimedes quickly constructed a hexagonal mirror when the Roman admiral Marcellus moved his ships out of the vary of bowshot.

Archimedes was apparently capable of seize the vitality of the Sun and replicate it onto the ships, setting them ablaze and inflicting them to sink inside minutes.[1] MIT college students had been capable of recreate this impact in 2005 however famous that their mirror was solely able to successfully burning a stationary goal.

Though scientific data has superior an incredible deal because the days of Archimedes, the underlying theoretical rules of directed vitality weapon (DEW) know-how stay the identical. A DEW inflicts harm from a distance by firing an intensely concentrated beam of vitality towards a goal.

Different sorts of DEWs hearth several types of vitality, however essentially the most popularized type of directed vitality weapon in use at present is the excessive vitality laser (HEL). These DEWs are similar to the lasers seen in science fiction motion pictures. They hearth a soundless beam of vitality, invisible at sure frequencies, that may incinerate a goal from tons of of miles away.

HELs have been developed by contractors like Lockheed Martin to be used in missile protection and house warfare, however some imagine that these weapons may need been designed with far more sinister functions in thoughts.

During the Thomas Fire that ravaged California in December 2017, many witnesses and researchers famous property harm that seemingly defied each preconceived notion of how a wildfire ought to behave. Though wildfires use foliage to unfold, complete blocks of homes burned to the bottom whereas the encompassing bushes remained untouched.

Though no official rationalization of this anomalous phenomenon is forthcoming, a number of witnesses throughout California recorded video of beams of sunshine coming down from the sky because the blaze unfold throughout the state. Given the truth that HELs are generally mounted on the nostril cones of planes, some have concluded that the mayhem wreaked by the Thomas Fire was boosted with directed vitality weaponry.

9 Long Range Acoustic Devices

A brand new kind of crowd management weapon got here to the fore throughout the Ferguson, Missouri, protests of 2014. As an lively demonstration of the newfound capabilities of an more and more militarized American police state, countermeasures employed by the Ferguson Police Department to quell civil unrest included the usage of LRAD sound cannons.

Capable of projecting voice instructions over a distance of 9 kilometers (5.5 mi), a Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD) inflicts grievous bodily ache upon anybody inside 100 meters (330 ft) of its sound path. LRAD producers are cautious to name their merchandise “devices” quite than “weapons” for public relations causes. But anybody who has endured the results of an LRAD is nicely conscious of the distinction between the reality and the spin.

Just ask the US diplomats stationed in Cuba who not too long ago began shedding their listening to. Soon after the detente between the United States and Cuba that transpired in 2015, diplomats deployed to the newly reopened US embassy on this Caribbean island nation began reporting a sudden and everlasting lack of listening to.[2]

US investigators concluded that the diplomats had been hit with a sophisticated and unnamed acoustic system that doesn’t make any audible sound however causes irreparable harm to the ears and mind of anybody in its path. This incident was thought-about so severe that the United States expelled two Cuban diplomats from their embassy in Washington.

However, the precise nature of this LRAD-like system and the identification of the brokers chargeable for its use on American officers are nonetheless unknown. If a sonic weapon was certainly used on US diplomats in Cuba, this may be an unprecedented incident within the historical past of worldwide relations.

eight Low-Frequency Microwave Mind Control

The obvious sonic assaults on the US embassy in Cuba rekindled decades-old fears a couple of totally different sort of secret weapon. In 1965, on the peak of the Cold War, the Pentagon found that the Soviets had been blasting the US embassy in Moscow with extraordinarily low-frequency (ELF) microwave radiation.

While far too weak to cook dinner something, it was decided that the so-called Soviet Signal carried the opportunity of affecting the well being or altering the conduct of the embassy employees. Instead of doing something to cease it, the Pentagon determined to review the potential results of the sign and try and mimic them again house.

DARPA, then a freshly minted department of the Department of Defense, subsequently based an initiative known as Project Pandora and commenced researching the results of ELF microwave radiation on primate topics. Though the outcomes had been inconclusive, venture chief Richard Cesaro remained satisfied till Pandora’s disbanding in 1969 that ELF radiation posed a severe risk to the nationwide safety of the United States.

The Pentagon by no means discovered what the Soviets had been as much as on the American embassy and opted to unravel the scenario by wrapping the embassy in a constructing’s equal of a tinfoil hat: An aluminum display was erected to encompass the perimeter of the advanced.

Though DARPA might have closed the case on ELF radiation in 1969, research have since indicated that low-frequency microwave and radio waves might certainly have a deleterious impact on the human physique. It’s even been demonstrated that the indicators emitted and acquired from cell telephones affect the functioning of the thoughts that steadily exhibits itself within the disruption of pure sleep cycles.

Today’s world is completely saturated by invisible indicators that preserve us linked and knowledgeable. But how a lot can we really find out about this all-pervasive radiation and the way it is likely to be affecting our well being and even our ideas?[3]

7 Heart Attack Guns

In the wake of the Watergate scandal of the early 1970s, Democratic Senator Frank Church led a committee devoted to attending to the underside of any actions perpetrated by the CIA that will have violated the constitution of this secretive intelligence company. It was believed that the CIA had accrued undue unilateral energy beneath the pretext of the Cold War, and the Church Committee was assembled to show this nefarious plot to the American individuals.

Though historical past exhibits us that the makes an attempt of the Church Committee to curb the totalitarian zeal of the CIA had been all however ineffective in the long term, a number of fascinating findings had been uncovered throughout the course of this 1975 investigation. One such discovery was the so-called “Heart Attack Gun,” a modified pistol that was able to delivering an almost undetectable however completely deadly dose of shellfish toxin into the physique of a distant goal.[4]

The darts fired by this soundless gun would theoretically depart a pinprick no bigger than a mosquito chew and dissolve nearly immediately into the tissues of the physique after delivering a payload so toxic that the goal can be nearly assured to have a coronary heart assault inside moments. It’s unknown whether or not or not the “Heart Attack Gun” was ever used. But for all we all know, it may nonetheless actively be in use at present.

6 Magneto Hydrodynamic Explosive Munitions

In Arthur C. Clarke’s Earthlight, this legendary science fiction creator of the 20th century conceives of a futuristic weapon that makes use of electromagnetism to propel a jet of molten metallic miles into house, spearing and destroying an attacking battleship. This kind of armor-piercing weapon isn’t solely remarkable. Since World War II, varied arms producers have provided combatants with instruments of warfare known as self-forging penetrators (SFPs).

Making use of a chemical explosion and a metallic liner, SFPs propel themselves at an armored car after which change their form to penetrate the goal. However, typical SFPs are inefficient and arduous to make use of, giving rise to the demand for a more practical armor penetration weapon.

DARPA has developed a specialised projectile to suit this area of interest known as the Magneto Hydrodynamic Explosive Munition (MAHEM). Using electromagnetism to kind and direct a sustained jet of molten metallic at an armored goal, MAHEM is far more adaptable than a traditional SFP and carefully resembles the fictional weapon featured in Earthlight.

Beyond these fundamental particulars, not a lot is understood about this secretive army venture. However, China’s Nanjing University of Science and Technology has apparently reverse engineered MAHEM for its personal functions.[5]

As with many different elements of the shadowy warfare for international supremacy at the moment being waged between the superpowers of the East and West, the total particulars surrounding the event and deployment of this fearsome weapon might by no means absolutely filter their manner into the general public consciousness.

5 Biological Weaponry

Between 1949 and 1969, the United States army examined organic weapons by itself individuals with out their data or consent. One such experiment occurred in 1950 when a US Navy ship sprayed billions of tiny microbes into the ambiance over San Francisco, inflicting a large upsurge in sickness and probably killing one resident.

Another occurred within the subway system beneath New York City in 1966 when researchers dropped gentle bulbs crammed with micro organism onto the tracks to check how far the movement of a prepare would carry these probably lethal pathogens. Still different experiments consisted of engulfing complete cities in a cloud of zinc cadmium sulfide beneath the pretext of offering a smoke display to cover the inhabitants within the occasion of the outbreak of nuclear warfare.

The army tells us that every one this was carried out to discover ways to higher defend us from international adversaries, however many wonder if the advantages of such reckless experimentation really outweigh the prices.

However, harmful pathogens launched into the ambiance is likely to be the least of the organic threats to which the American individuals have been uncovered by their authorities. In 2016, DNI director James Clapper expressed his issues that gene enhancing know-how would possibly turn into a weapon of mass destruction if it fell into the flawed arms.

The science of gene enhancing has proliferated all through the trendy world, seemingly with little to no thought given to the possibly disastrous ramifications of tinkering round with the genetic construction of the biosphere.

While naturally occurring pathogens are dangerous sufficient, genetic engineering has given rise to the potential existence of secretly developed organic weapons that would wipe out complete nationwide populations virtually in a single day. But microbes given superpowers by mad scientists would possibly really pose much less of a hazard than different sorts of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) which were let unfastened amongst an unwitting populace.

In 2013, a bunch of round 300 scientists formally rejected the premise that there’s a scientific consensus on the protection of GMOs for human consumption. This assertion led quite a few restaurant and grocery chains resembling Chipotle and Trader Joe’s to outright ban GMOs from their kitchens and cabinets.[6]

Yet agribusiness companies proceed to change the genetic code of important crops like corn and soybeans beneath the safety of a military of scientific publications and information retailers that repeatedly guarantee their audiences that GMOs pose no risk to the human physique or to the biosphere.

Agribusiness giants like Monsanto are closely sponsored by the United States authorities. If GMOs really are detrimental to human well being, the never-ending unfold of those unnatural organisms may very well be serving as a covert continuation of the federal government’s lethal behavior of exposing its individuals to organic weapons.

four Subliminal Messaging

It’s been nicely established that subliminal messaging is used extensively in promoting. This kind of selling often exploits the baser urges of the populace to affect them to purchase a services or products. But what if the identical rules utilized in subliminal promoting are additionally being utilized by the United States intelligence group for the needs of espionage and even thoughts management?

A previously secret CIA doc titled “The Operational Potential of Subliminal Perception” describes in exact element the prescribed methodology for gaming the rules of subliminal notion to influence somebody to do one thing that they often wouldn’t do.[7]

While the creator of the doc in the end concludes that the operational effectiveness of subliminal notion is “extremely limited,” the CIA is extensively identified for its knack for working inside the strictures of utmost limits and nonetheless engaging in its clandestine aims with flying colours.

three Flying Aircraft Carriers

In the late 1920s, the United States Navy started exploring the tactical potential of airborne plane carriers. Two zeppelin-style airships had been constructed, the USS Akron and the USS Macon, each of which carried a crew of 60 males and had been able to deploying and recovering Sparrowhawk fighter planes in flight. However, each Navy flying plane carriers met unlucky ends and their stays now relaxation on the backside of the ocean.

Recently, nevertheless, rumors have surfaced of DARPA’s plans to reopen this chapter of American historical past and provoke one other try and develop airborne plane carriers for army use. This time, these proposed sentinels of the skies would carry drones as a substitute of manned warplanes. Called the “Gremlins” program, this audacious DARPA initiative would encompass modified C-130 air transports loaded with stealthy drones able to penetrating enemy defenses undetected.[8]

Given DARPA’s repute for instantly asserting the planning phases of already-completed initiatives as quickly as their cowl is likely to be blown, it’s affordable to wonder if there would possibly already be “Gremlins” flying over our heads. If the fanciful testimony of supposed secret house program insiders like Corey Goode is to be believed, there might even be Avengers-style Air Force “Helicarriers” patrolling the skies now, rendered undetectable by superior cloaking know-how.

2 Project Thor

Potentially overshadowing the MOAB as essentially the most deadly nonnuclear weapon within the United States’ arsenal, Project Thor is a know-how designed by Jerry Pournelle within the 1950s that may obliterate enemies with bolts from above.

Colloquially termed “rods from God,” any such Kinetic Energy Penetrator (KEP) would theoretically encompass a pair of satellites. One serves as a focusing on hub, and the opposite is provided with 6-meter-long (20 ft) tungsten rods that may be dropped on a goal from orbit. Capable of penetrating tons of of toes into the Earth’s crust, these thunderbolts from Thor would produce harm equal to a nuclear blast with out the fallout.[9]

Though the price of delivering such rods into orbit is seen as prohibitive, reopening the Project Thor initiative was significantly thought-about as not too long ago because the George W. Bush administration. With $21 trillion supposedly appropriated with out authorization by the Department of Defense and some different companies, it’s arduous to know what probably cost-prohibitive theoretical initiatives the United States authorities is likely to be silently making into actuality with out the data or consent of its individuals.


Hugo Chavez introduced worldwide consideration to the HAARP facility in Alaska when he accused the United States Air Force of utilizing this high-frequency transmitter array to set off the 2010 Haiti earthquake. Until this level, casting aspersions on this United States Air Force analysis station was a fake pas dedicated by solely the looniest of tinfoil hatters.

Theories concerning the darker facet of HAARP had been supposedly put to relaxation when the Air Force introduced that this ionospheric analysis advanced can be closing its doorways in 2014. But the hypothesis was kindled again into flame when HAARP was reopened in 2017 by the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF).[10]

Admittedly, it in all probability wasn’t a good selection from a PR perspective on the a part of UAF to select the artificially induced manifestation of a climate phenomenon as their first experiment. When HAARP’s new custodians introduced their plans to create a model of the aurora borealis that was invisible to the bare eye within the skies over Alaska, many took this as affirmation of this controversial analysis station’s weather-manipulating skills.

Although the HAARP program has been repeatedly accused of manipulating the climate and broadcasting thoughts management indicators, none of those claims have been clearly demonstrated to be both true or false thus far.

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